Care Managers

Darrin Care Consulting is a provider of Professional Care Management.

Karen Darrin 

RN, CCM, CMC, CPG has been an active professional specializing in the field of care management for over two decades. She has kept her focus on the arena related to her legal and medical expertise. Karen has provided families and other professionals with options to meet their needs in the health care system with the assurance of enhancing quality along with decreasing fragmentation of care. She is a strong advocate for her client’s needs. Karen has maintained the highest credentialing in her role as a Care Manager (CMC) and Case Manager (CCM); gaining certifications in each area.

Karen believes if a family or professional is looking for a care manager the issues are most likely complicated. Being overwhelmed or just unable to move forward and make a plan is one of the best reasons to call for a consultation.

Karen has resided in Renton Washington for the majority of her nursing career. She and her husband have lived in the same home for the past 45 years and love the Northwest and outdoors. Her two grown children and their families live nearby. Karen has a great working knowledge of the Puget Sound community which clients will appreciate. Families do not have to worry about her recommendations as her many years in the nursing field have allowed her to be an efficient navigator of all types of services for those she works with.

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