Services in:
The Home

The face to face assessment is the guide to find “What” kind of support is needed.

The care manager will provide a review of the needs related to safety, health, finances, legal preparation, and personal preferences and further provide recommendations as to the support one would need. Home safety evaluations are also included with the personal interview. 

Community resource information is related to; Home Health services; Home Care agencies; Long Term Care Benefit determination: Contract Caregivers: Review of medical and financial eligibility for personal care under  Medicaid funded services. The care manager will assist with arranging the needed services at the home.

Services Include:

  • Finding, interviewing and selecting caregivers.
  • Create an Individualized Care Plan
  • Supervision, Communication, and Problem-Solving
  • Review of liability, and payroll services for private duty caregivers
  • Review of all potential entitlements and assistance with gaining benefits.