Payment Information

How do I pay for Care Management?

Care management is not covered under Medicare Reimbursement at this time. On average, most families pay privately for services. At this time the Care Management rates are $150 per hour.

There are a variety of Long Term Care Policies with specific care management services listed or even “nursing visits” which are reimbursed under the policy benefits. Individuals who have a policy should call their policy administrators to review their plans. Our care managers would be happy to help. 

For those who are still employed, you may have benefits through your employer. Many companies are now offering assessments for older adults under their Employee Assistance Programs (EAP). We highly recommend checking into this potential benefit.

Special Needs Trusts are ideal for providing payment for care management. Since these funds are set aside for those things which will enhance the individual’s services and well-being this should always be considered as a good resource. In general, trusts can be of value in providing written instructions for care management services and need to be reviewed for content.